Apple Service

Apple Service.


Systems Plus is the premier service center for Apple in the Upper Valley. As an Apple Authorized Premium Service Provider, we are able to handle all Apple Warranty repair work. We also help diagnose a vintage or obsolete computer and advise you as to the next steps to take. Most repair work is done here at Systems Plus, but we can facilitate any repairs that need to go to Apple.  This is especially useful with the recent changes to AppleCare + now including accidental damage.



Discover the Difference

One of the major differences between us and other options available in the Upper Valley is we can do most repairs in house. Why is this important? That means less time without your computer or device.


We also have more Apple trained, experienced and certified technicians under one roof than anyone else in the Upper valley. With a combined 70 years of experience our technicians will do everything they can to resolve your issue as efficiently as possible.


Unlike other repair services in the area, we can offer several other solutions to protect your data (pictures, documents, letters, emails, even applications) or recover your data if need be. With Deepspar , we can recover just about anything and resolve your issue without harming or losing your information. Big box stores have limitations on how much they can do to protect your data.

We deal with legal, medical files and your valuable files as well as setting up backup services.


Our Apple Certified Technicians have years of experience with all Apple products. This can be exceptionally useful to help resolve issues with applications or even find the causes of hardware problems faster.


Our Apple Certified Technicians are constantly advancing their knowledge each day and staying up to date with all the new repair options available.