Network Assessments

Have you ever wondered if your network truly suits your needs as a business? Do you know what that equipment on the shelf does, or if it’s adequate? Is your data protected and compliant with the regulations that are required for your line of business?

There are many needs that could be the driving force behind a Network Assessment, from independently auditing your current IT department or provider, through simply understanding what you own because no one has ever put together a list of inventory for you.

S+ provides the basic network assessment, free of charge to your business.

Within the scope of this network assessment we will:

-Meet with you and your managers to discuss your business needs and general workflow

-Assess your IT infrastructure, providing you a concise list of inventory items that includes all of your workstations, switches, printers, and any other networking or computing equipment that we may turn up.

-Provide you a list of recommendations that could improve your IT infrastructure and the anticipated impacts on your workflow from the introduction of that infrastructure.

The IT Runbook:

After the network assessment is performed, we can then draft your Runbook, which is a concise overview of your entire IT infrastructure. The runbook goes several steps beyond the basic network assessment, as it includes full documentation of your network including maps, critical infrastructure passwords, and site notes that are specific to your environment.

Full service clients enjoy all the benefits of the Network Assessment and the IT Runbook, free of charge. Turning your network assessment into the IT Runbook is assessed at our normal documentation rate.